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January 2023
The entire team of Zwerrenz Automatisierungstechnik GmbH wishes al our customers and partners a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023!
We are looking forward to a new aear and are in the starting blocks with some exciting projects.


July 2022
"Summer hike" in the Schmiedefeld Biosphere Reserve
This year's hiking day took us around Schmiedefeld and Vesser. With the nature and landscape guide Mrs. Brunhilde Schumacher we undertook the hike "From water to iron". During the hike we received a lot of information about the water, about native plants and their possible uses, about iron mining and the biosphere reserve. Finally, we went underground again, to the visitor mine "Schwarze Crux". Our thanks go to Mrs. Schumacher and the Thuringian Forest Biosphere Reserve for the informative day.


November 2021
"Pre-Christmas tree planting campaign of Zwerrenz Automatisierungstechnik GmbH"
The Thuringia Forest is facing major challenges in times of climate change. Higher temperatures, changed precipitation conditions and increasing weather extremes also requier measures to stabilise our forests in Thuringia. With this mind, we planted about 60 silver firs near Oberhof on 19. November in cooperation with teh Thuringia Forestry Office to support the local forest development. The action was a complete success and was fund for everyone involved. Wie would like to thank the Thuringia Forestry Office for their active support on this day. 
see also: Waldumbauportal | Thüringen Forst (


July 2021
Participation in the joint project "Development of an optically based system for qualitative and quantitative condition assessment of forest paths" (duration 04/2021 - 03/2024).
Our task is the constructive development and production of a receptive and carrier system.
In this way, we want to make a small contribution to the topic of sustainability and renewable raw materials.
Excerpt Status Report 


June 2021
We pedal for a good cause. At the 16th Meiningen Cycling Marathon on 26.06.2021 at the outdoor pool "Rohrer Stirn" in Meiningen, the company Zwerrenz Automatisierungstechnik GmbH is also at the start. 150 participants have covered approx. 7000 km. The amount raised was donated to Mala and the children's hospice in Meiningen. Many thanks to all cyclists. It was a lot of fun again. 
link newspaper article


June 2020
Our automatic disinfection station has found great demand. An article has also appeared in the local press.
link newspaper article

Innovative tiling robot FER*Tig*er in use as a prototpy
In addition to our day-to-day customer tasks, we were also able to realize an innovative research project. Together with our network an by promoting the BMWi, we were able to develop a new tile laying robot an demonstrate it in 2019 with great interest.
The finisher lays heavy floor tiles on a large area and thus quickly an accurateky takes over the heavy physical arbeti of laying the tiles on large areas. The tiles are fed automatically, qualitatively checked for damage and laid with high accuracy via a camera system. The finisher can proceed independently in the room an lay the tiles.
The Prototyp is currently in the testing phase at the europawide company Fliesen Unger as a reference and test costumer. The robot´s lunch is schedulded for 2021.


May 2020
"Our contributation to the Corona Crisis"
We have found a solution to an everyday problem. Out automatic disinfection station for shopping baskets has been ready for use at Rewe Glock in Suhl for several days. Right form the first customer contact, ist ensures a good feeling and a relaxed shopping. The initial customer response was overwhelming. Just watch the video about it.


February 2020
"Technology-Expert-Camp in the Thuringian Forest"
A holiday fun für tinkerers and Roboter fans promotes the next generation in a special way. We are also part of this event, with the aim of inspiring young people for technical professions and bringing them together with companies from the region. From 10. to 14. february 2020, eighth- to eleventh-grade students programmed autonomous robots with java that independently are able to solve tasks.
Contribution of IHK


July 2019
A change in management took place in the management of Zwerrenz Automatisierungstechnik GmbH on 1.7.2019.
Company founder Wolfgang Zwerrenz hands over the baton, but is still available for advice.
Gunnar Zwerrenz is fully focused on the management of the design department.
Since then, Katharina Vetter has been the sole managing director.


May 2019
Participation in the Innovation Day Mittelstand of the BMWi on 09.05.2109 in Berlin.
In cooperation with "ip | m innovationpartner mittelstand and through an innovation grant from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) we present a mobile tile laying machine with external material feed.
It consists of a chassis incl. Fully automated tile laying with optical control. The robot moves on damp screed without deforming it


April 2019
We are celebrating our 25th company-anniversary.


Februar 2018
Participation in "Azubi-Speed-Dating" of the IHK Suhl on 15.02.2018.


December 2017

This year, we decided not to send Christmas presents to our customers. Our motto is donations instead of gifts.

We have therefore presented the Friedrich-Fröbel kindergarten in Suhl a donation of 450, - €.


September 2017

Promotion project "Modul-Inspect-3D-Prüfystem by TAB and EU.


June 2017

As a long-term item-plus partner, we participated in the item-Hausmesse, on the occasion

of the 10th anniversary at the Mühlhausen location. Next to us, the company COLANDIS GmbH, Goesch, INWAB,

Mundinger and STIMA presented exhibits and machine concepts and figured how to use

the item Building Kit Systems for their production and areas. Our exhibit was a "kettcar" of item profiles.


May 2017

Publishing Article "Gluing One - Automated Glue and Test Cells" on "Robot in Battery Production" in the journal Robotics and Production Issue 2/2017 (from page 56)


April 2017

Expansion of production capacities with the purchase of a 5-axis milling machine (Hermle C250)

Now 5-axis simultaneous milling is possible

We hereby create a new CadCAM workstation


December 2016

Maintaining the ISO 9001: 2015 certification



April 2016

Participation 13th Cycling-Marathon at PSV Meiningen

As well as a donation for the children's and youth hospice in Tambach-Dietharz


October 2015

Relocation of the entire departments construction and manufacturing in our new manufacturing hall


July 2015

Commissioning and expansion of production capacities with a new 5-axis milling machine


April 2014

20 years Zwerrenz automation technology!

In 2014 we celebrate our 20th anniversary. For this reason, our anniversary celebration will take place on June 20, 2014.

Newspaper Article anniversary


November 2013

Participation Productronica exhibition in Munich


October 2013

Participation Motek in Stuttgart


October 2012

Presentation of the BVMW Mittelstandspreis Entrepreneur of the Year 2012, the city of Suhl

Newspaper articles awards


September 2008

Expansion or new hall on 1200 sqm

Newspaper articles awards